Logistics and its importance in Mexico

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Globalization has enhanced the potential and impact of logistics services across Mexico. We invite you to learn about the implications of this reality.

Efficient logistics are an important feature of a country’s international competitiveness. However, this is not the same everywhere in the world, because not all nations have the resources and infrastructure needed to develop advanced logistics systems.

While Mexico doesn’t have one of the sector’s highest technological levels it does have excellent engineers and technicians who constantly seek ways to optimize times and efficiencies in their companies.

They do this with the understanding that the factors that determine performance are infrastructure quality, the business environment, trade system reliability and a dynamic supply chain.

Its importance

Globalization has resulted in logistics becoming of prime importance in Mexico, continuously evolving to achieve higher levels of competitiveness.

In our country logistics first gained importance in the automotive industry, where consumers insisted on quality, functionality and speed in the delivery of goods.

Business leaders soon realized that in order to make their companies profitable and competitive they would need a practical and flexible tool to organize their functional areas.

Changes then evolved with the appearance of new leaders, sectors, specializations and strategic alliances within a context of market expansion.

These factors, along with the entry of dozens of foreign companies, helped make Mexican logistics one of the most modern in Latin America.

Logistics in Mexico

One of the main challenges that logistics faced in our country was knowing how to design and implement effective strategies. To meet this challenge it was necessary to optimize distribution networks and improve the performance of warehouses and information systems.

Likewise, government leaders and businesses decided to create a national and international logistics network for export businesses. This network would have various components: warehouses, industries, transport systems, and productive areas.

This initiative has enabled today’s Mexican logistics groups to integrate the material flow network into an information network based on orders sent to suppliers.

Other key aspects of this network include customer sales, costs, accounting, statistics and inventories. Harmony among these components ensures the appropriate operation of logistics in Mexico and guarantees that logistics will also play an essential role in the future of companies.

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